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Public Access Option Form

  1. Texas Government Code: Sec. 552.024: ELECTING TO DISCLOSE CERTAIN INFORMATION. The Public Information Act allows employees, public officials and former employees and officials to elect whether to keep certain information about them confidential. Unless you choose to keep it confidential, the following information about you may be subject to public release if requested under the Texas Public Information Act. Therefore, please indicate whether you wish to allow public release of the following information.
  2. Your current Flower Mound residential address
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. Your current main telephone number. **opting for yes or no doesn’t exempt gathering of content as it relates to Town business.
  6. Yes
  7. No
  8. A second contact telephone number, if available.
  9. Yes
  10. No
  11. (only used if we need to contact someone in the event of an emergency while you are at a board meeting)
  12. Spouse, partner, family member, roommate, etc.
  13. By submitting this form, I understand and agree to the information above. *
  14. Note:
    This form should be completed and signed no later than the 14th day after the public official is elected or appointed. Sec. 552.024. ELECTING TO DISCLOSE ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER. (a) Except as provided by Subsection (a-1), each employee or official of a governmental body and each former employee or official of a governmental body shall choose whether to allow public access to the information in the custody of the governmental body that relates to the person's home address, home telephone number, emergency contact information, or social security number, or that reveals whether the person has family members.
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