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Second Grade Environmental Education Program Evaluation

  1. Please rate the following Environmental Education Booths based on your class' experience.

  2. Recycling

  3. Stormwater

  4. Leaf Rubbing

  5. Urban Forestry

  6. Water Cycle

  7. Insect Lifecycle

  8. Native Plants

  9. Bees/Pollination

  10. Which of the following topic(s) help to reinforce your classroom curriculum?

    Please check all that apply

  11. Which topic(s) was the most engaging to your students?

    Please check all that apply

  12. Please be as specific as possible

  13. How engaging were the presenters in each of the following activities? If the booth was not presented at your program, please mark "N/A".

  14. Recycling

  15. Stormwater

  16. Leaf Rubbing

  17. Urban Forestry

  18. Water Cycle

  19. Insect Lifestyle

  20. Native Plants

  21. Bees/Pollination

  22. Overall, how would you rate the quality of the Town of Flower Mound's second grade Environmental Education program?

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