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    In compliance with the Public Information Act ("Act"), contained in Chapter 552 of the Texas Government code, please provide the records described above for viewing and/or copying. I understand pursuant to the "Act", the Town of Flower Mound ("Town") has 10 business days to request an opinion from the Attorney General regarding this request. If the records are not readily available, I understand the Town will notify me in writing of the date and time when the records will be available, and that according to the Act, this must be done within a reasonable amount of time. I further understand that charges for copies and/or administrative costs will be assessed according to the "Town" fee schedule. To avoid delays in responding, be specific with your request and include names, addresses, inclusive dates, times, and places. Please complete the form above. Incomplete requests cannot be filled properly. Communication errors may occur using Internet services. If you have not received acknowledgement, please call 972.874.6071. You may be asked to make your request in writing if you ask for access and/or reproduction of records that are voluminous, include confidential information (your request will be reviewed by the Town attorney with the possibility of obtaining the Texas Attorney Generals opinion as to the amount of confidential information, if any, can be released), or require clarification so that the Town may accurately respond. *Note there may be a fee assessed for requests; Please visit :
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