Are there in-vehicle cameras?

Yes, all patrol vehicles have multiple in-vehicle cameras.

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1. How do I get a copy of an accident report?
2. How do I take care of a traffic citation?
3. Why do I sometimes see Flower Mound police officers running radar or working traffic in one location on a regular basis?
4. Do officers wear body cameras?
5. Are there in-vehicle cameras?
6. What should I do if I would like to file a complaint, including a complaint of racial or bias-based policing, or submit a commendation about a police employee?
7. What type of external oversight does the department have?
8. What has Flower Mound done to ensure compliance with use of force directives?
9. Are all officers current on required training?
10. What de-escalation training/education do officers receive?
11. What classes or training are officers required to take regarding de-escalation, racial bias, and use of force?
12. Does de-escalation training/education include content on the mentally ill or cognitively challenged?
13. How does the FMPD's policies align with the "Eight Can't Wait" campaign?
14. What are the police officer hiring requirements/practices?
15. Is there a particular officer that works in my neighborhood?
16. How do I schedule a crime prevention program?
17. Does the Flower Mound Police Department offer a Citizen’s Police Academy?
18. Can citizens ride along with a police officer on patrol?
19. Does the Flower Mound Police Department offer a finger printing service?
20. Does the police department offer a Vacation Watch for residents?
21. Does the police department offer child safety seat inspections?
22. How do I obtain an alarm permit for my home or business?
23. Why do I have to have an alarm permit?
24. I received an alarm permit renewal invoice from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Is this correct?
25. Can I determine if I have a warrant out for my arrest over the phone?
26. Can I report information about possible criminal activity and remain anonymous?
27. What can I do if I see a reckless driver?
28. Can I drop charges in a family violence case?
29. Can the Flower Mound Police Department provide me with copies of vehicle registration, drivers license, or criminal history returns?