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Posted on: January 6, 2023

Update on the Town's Adaptive Traffic Signal Implementation Project

A Town employee installs a data analytics camera on a traffic signal in the Morriss corridor.

Have you spotted the fancy, new equipment on the traffic signals along the Morriss corridor? They’re part of the Town’s adaptive traffic signal implementation. We’re so excited for this project, but we’re still months away from truly seeing the benefits.

Here’s where we’re at: our Signal Division team is currently placing the new data analytics cameras at all traffic signals along the Morriss corridor. Meanwhile, the adaptive software has been placed on the Town’s servers, and our traffic vendor is making configuration assignments within the software for the various intersections. As those configurations are being finalized, we have begun deploying the controllers, which are essentially the brain of the traffic signal, along the corridor. Once all analytics cameras and controllers are deployed, the “before” data can be collected for the corridor. Finally, we’ll need to train Town staff on and initialize the adaptive system itself.

After the system has been initialized, it could take a full month for the system to collect enough data to begin learning the traffic patterns along the network of intersections. Once the system has sufficient data to learn the traffic patterns and is placed into full operation, then we will start to realize the benefits and really start making a difference in the corridor. Once fully functioning, the system will adjust the timing of green lights to accommodate changing traffic patterns and ease traffic congestion. 

We’re excited to introduce our first adaptive traffic signal system along the Morriss corridor and will make adjustments as needed and monitor its success for potential future locations. Thanks for your patience as we get the system up and running!

A Town employee installs a data analytics camera on a traffic signal in the Morriss corridor.

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