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May 14

I AM SIM: Dick and Carol Singer

Posted on May 14, 2019 at 8:55 AM by Nicole Brasher

Here are our friends, Dick & Carol Singer.

Carol was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She has two brothers and one sister. She grew up with family all around her making childhood so much fun. Her grandparents lived across the street while many other relatives lived a few houses down. She was raised around boys as she was the only girl until she was 10 when her sister was born. She grew up a tomboy playing alongside her brothers. Her dad worked for General Mills, and she remembers getting grab bags full of General Mills products once a month for a dollar! Her mother stayed home raising Carol and her siblings until the second world war began. Working in an all-man industry, which was frowned upon, Carol's mother got a job with Buffalo Envelope to help during war times. 
Dick is also from Buffalo. He is the middle child and only boy with three sisters. Growing up, his dad was a baker. Dick remembers helping his dad in the bakery and soon discovered he had a sweet tooth. He says he can still smell the sweetness of pastries and goodies! If you know Dick well, you know he still has that sweet tooth. Dick's mom also stayed home to raise the children until the war when she went to work for Republic Steel.

When World War II began, women were able to break through barriers that once prevented them from working in male-dominated industries. Widespread male enlistment left the industrial labor force with gaping holes with no one but women to fill them. Thus, started the Rosie Riveter campaign aimed at recruiting female workers for defense industries. By 1943 more than 310,000 women worked in the aircraft industry making up 65 percent of the industry’s total workforce, compared to just one percent before the war. Both Dick & Carol’s mothers were part of the social movement towards feminism.

Dick and Carol met at a bowling alley. Dick was on a bowling league that bowled earlier then Carol’s team. One day, Dick and a friend stayed after to have a few drinks at the bar. Carol noticed him as he walked by and thought he had "cute buns!" Not shy at all, Carol went to the bar to introduce herself and invited them to an after party. Carol said she’s always known what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. They married when Carol was 19 and Dick was 25. They have three kids, one granddaughter, and five grandsons. While raising their children, Carol & Dick worked opposite hours so that one of them could be home with the kids. Dick coached for all his kids' sports and said each night they were running from one event to another. 

Dick served four and a half years in the Airforce as a radar technician during the Korean War and four years in the Reserves. Dick coached a hockey team for Japan & Korea while in the service. He went to school for accounting and soon discovered his love for learning. He has a Bachelors degree in Accounting and Associates degree in Transportation. He's held titles such as distribution manager and logistics manager and many others. Dick's former boss offered him a job in Texas and in 1983 they moved. While working for Worthington, Nu Tone, and SBA as a loan officer for FEMA, he decided to retire. 
Carol worked for Bethlehem Steel where she was offered to go into the tuition refund program. There she studied Business Administration at the Catholic college. Again, in a society women were not valued in the workforce, Carol became the first women supervisor of her plant. Because of this promotion, there was tension in the air as was discrimination for the spouses. The employees were members of a country club but because Dick’s wife was in a man’s position he was not allowed to play golf with the men. He could only play with the women. My how things have changed! 
They became members of the SIM program when they were meeting in Pastor Bruce’s church. They enjoy lunches, parties, dances, and trips. They both love to play games here and enjoy a night out with the Dinner Bunch. Carol loves the Book Club and uses the Library. When not at the center you can find Dick at his antique booth in Lewisville, collecting stamps and coins, or learning about stocks and bonds through an investment club he joined. They are active in their church and even won a Mercedes Benz through a raffle drawing through the church. 

We are blessed to have these two as part of our SIM family!!