Wildlife in Parks

Flower Mound is home to several types of wildlife, some of which you may see as you enjoy the Town's walking trails and parks. If you encounter any wildlife, remain calm and walk in the opposite direction of the animal. It’s best to operate by the general rule - If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. If you have any specific questions about the Town's wildlife, call Animal Services at 972.874.6390. View the "Wild Side of Nature" guide for examples of wildlife located within the area.


During summer, snake safety is important as native Texas snakes are coming out of hibernation. Animal Services wants to take this opportunity to remind people to be cautious when walking in high grass or near any creek beds. Although, the majority of snakes found in the Flower Mound area are non-venomous, there are venomous snakes in the area. The most commonly found venomous snakes in Flower Mound are copperheads, cottonmouths, and rattle snakes. These snakes are harmless if left alone, but if accidentally walked upon or threatened, they may strike. Please use caution when you are near any snake habitat, such as a creek, and teach your children not to touch anything that resembles a snake. For more information about snakes, please contact Animal Services at 972.874.6390.
pamphlet with different animals located in Texas and facts about each