Planned Developments

Chapter 98, Division 21, of the Town’s Code of Ordinances, contains regulations for Planned Development (PD) Districts in the Town of Flower Mound. The PD district is designed to permit flexibility and encourage a more creative, efficient, and aesthetically desirable design and placement of buildings, open spaces, and circulation patterns by allowing a mixture or combination of uses and to best utilize special site features such as topography, size, and shape. A PD may be used to permit new or innovative concepts in land utilization not permitted by other zoning districts in this Code. It is intended for applications in all land use designations on the land use map of the master plan, provided that the uses and development standards proposed are consistent with the Town's master plan.

Application Process Overview

PD's are created through the adoption of an ordinance by the Town Council. A general review process includes:

  1. The submittal of a Zoning Planned Development (ZPD) application; 
  2. Review by staff for compliance;
  3. Proper notice to affected parties;
  4. A public hearing and consideration by the Planning and Zoning Commission; and
  5. Another public hearing and final consideration by the Town Council.

Conceptual plans, elevations, and development standards are required to be approved and filed as part of the PD application.

Those interested in applying for a ZPD are recommended to visit the Town's Development Process Overview page and apply for a Development Review Committee meeting with staff to discuss and answer questions about the project before submitting an official application. 

Planned Development Ordinance Library

The link below directs you to the Town's Planned Development Ordinance Library. We encourage new users to read through the guide to learn more about how to browse and locate specific PD ordinances. This resource is offered for the convenience of the public under the Public Information Act, without any express or implied warranty as to its accuracy, completeness, or usefulness.

Due to the complexity of PD ordinances and their tendency toward amendment and/or repeal, it is strongly recommended that interested parties contact Planning Services at or 972.874.6350 for further clarification. Copies of documents may be requested through submittal of a Public Information Request.

Zoning Map

To learn more and view locations of PD’s within the Town, please visit the interactive Zoning Map. Once there, be sure to do the follow:

  1. Read and accept the terms of use;
  2. Click the Layer's List button near to the top right hand corner (the icon resembles three stacked squares); and
  3. Turn on the "ZONING" layer by clicking the box to the left of the layer.

PD's are identified on the map with a bold, black outline. Clicking within the boundary of the outlines will provide you with the project name, PD number, and a direct link to the library's ordinance(s) for that specific PD.

A printable version of the zoning map can be found here – Zoning Map.PDF.