Right Tree for the Right Place

Important Factors

There are a few simple factors to take into consideration when planting trees on or around your property.

Tree Purposes

  • Aesthetics
  • Boundaries or Buffers
  • Screening
  • Shade
  • Windbreak
Many people plant trees for different reasons. As a potential tree planter, one of the most important steps of tree selection is the identification of what you want your tree to do. This step will be essential in the selection process as it may actually dictate the species of tree that you purchase.

Size and Location

A common mistake made by many tree planters is that they forget to anticipate what the tree’s size and shape will be at maturity. A few considerations should be taken into account at this step. Consider the height, crown spread, and root space needed by the tree. If these issues are addressed, it may prevent the development of future problems for the tree and the homeowner.

Crown Form or Shape

The crown of a tree is dictated by species and growing condition. The shape of the crown should be considered when you are in the planning stage. There are five different identifiable crown shapes:
  • Columnar (Lombardy Popular)
  • Oval (Sugar Maple)
  • Pyramidal (Bald Cypress)
  • Round (White Oak)
  • V-shaped (Hackberry-Sugarberry)
Taking these considerations into account will help you succeed in planting The Right Tree in The Right Place.