Facilities Projects

Updated 1/16/20 - updated information shown in red

Central Fire Station Expansion/Renovation

Description:  The project consists of an addition to the southwest side of the station, located at 3911 South Broadway, and the renovation of the fire administration area of the building. The work includes replacement of interior lighting, HVAC systems, electric circuits, and flooring. The improvements and expansion required staff to be relocated with administration being located on site in a construction trailer. 

Contract awarded on November 5, 2018 to Schmoldt Construction Inc., in the amount of $1,457,000. Contractor work is underway. Anticipate administrative staff moving back in building late January. 
Project cost: $1,893,375 (amount includes previous phase of crew area renovation)
Funding source(s): Decision Package (cash from General Fund), Tax Debt
Anticipated completion: Substantially complete

Gibson Grant Log Cabin

Description: This project is the restoration of the Gibson Grant Log Cabin located at the intersection of Flower Mound Rd. and Quail Run. The  project will restore the exterior to the 1890-1925 time period by removing some of the additions and will result in a one-story, 950 square foot, six-room museum.

A professional services agreement with McCoy Collaborative Preservation Architecture, PLLC., was approved at the February 18, 2019 council meeting. Notice to proceed was March 4. Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) contract awarded at the September 16 council meeting. A revised CIP budget was approved at the same meeting, combining all three phases to take advantage of grant funding. An amendment to the professional services agreement, which combined the three phases for design, was approved December 16. Architects onsite this week to probe the interior so that interior design can be finalized. 

Project cost: $1,575,593
Funding source(s): Grant/Interlocal, Other

Fire Station #7

Description: The project consists of an approximately 10,000 square foot Fire Station and associated site improvements located on Skillern Road, just north of the intersection of Wichita Trail and Skillern Road.

A professional services agreement with Brown, Reynolds Watford Architects, Inc. for the design, in the amount of $399,600, was approved on February 5, 2018. Kick off meeting held February 20. Design is complete. Construction contract awarded to Schmoldt Construction Inc. in the amount of $4,495,650 on January 7, 2019. Notice to proceed was February 18. Construction is ongoing. Updated completion date due to wet spring causing constant delays. Site has unique elevation challenges as well as high PI soils (excess of clay) which lengthened the delays more than other projects. Masonry is complete.

Project cost: $7,770,000 (includes apparatus)
Funding source(s): Other, Decision Package (cash from General Fund), Tax Debt
Anticipated completion: April 2020

Library Expansion/Renovation

Description: This project consists of a renovation of the existing 25,000 sq. foot Library and an expansion of approximately 15,000 sq. ft., as well as associated FFE and site improvements. Also, includes parking for Peters Colony park located to the west of the Library.

On December 4, 2017,  a professional services agreement was approved for design services with Komatsu Architecture., for $794,963. Komatsu Architecture was the architect for the library when built. Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) contract with Steele-Freeman was approved on June 18, 2018. Site plan was approved March 20, 2019. Construction award and testing award were both approved at the May 6 council meeting. Notice to proceed issued for May 20. Construction is ongoing.  

Project camera

Project cost: $12,500,000
Funding source(s): Other, Park Development Fees, TIRZ Debt, Tax Debt
Anticipated completion: December 2020

Police Department Expansion/Renovation - Phase  III

Description: The project consists of renovations to the report writing room, jury/community room, CID space, interview room, existing training room, and the men’s locker room. Renovations are ongoing. 

Project cost: $250,000
Funding source(s): Decision Package (cash from General Fund)
Anticipated completion: October 2020