Flowers on the Mound

Wild Flowers on The Mound

Take a minute to browse through a sampling of flowers found on The Mound.

Wild FoxgloveField PansyBluebonnet

Wild Foxglove

Penstemon cobaea
  • Its relative produces digitalis, the heart medicine.
  • Its showy large purple flowers appear in May.

Field Pansy

Viola rafinsquil.
  • It is also called Johnny jump-up.
  • It appears in March.
  • It is not often seen on The Mound.


Lupinus texensis
  • It appears in April.
  • It is not native to The Mound, but is thriving.

Indian BlanketTall BluestemPrairie Grounsel

Indian Blanket

Gaillardia pulchella
  • It appears in May.
  • It is abundant, especially near the front gate.

Tall Bluestem

Andropogon gerardi
  • It is one of the rarest of the four major prairie grasses.
  • Pioneers called it Turkey Foot.

Prairie Groundsel

Senecio plattensis
  • It appears in March.
  • It is in the sunflower family.

Easter Sunrise Service on The Mound

Flower Mound Summit Club

Since it was formed in 1974, the Flower Mound Summit Club has sponsored the longest running community event in Flower Mound - the annual nondenominational Easter Sunrise Service on The Mound. This event has also been supported for many years by The Women of Flower Mound civic club.