Teen Court Hearing Procedure

Jury Trial

The jury trial process is as follows:

  • Each defendant is assigned a team of defense / prosecution attorneys.
  • The judge calls the case, the bailiff calls the jury, and the complaint is read in open court.
  • The attorneys present opening statements to the jury.
  • The defendant is sworn in and takes the witness stand.

Jury Deliberation

The jury deliberation process is as follows:

  • After all testimony is complete, attorneys present their closing statements.
  • The jury is led to deliberation room by bailiff and they deliberate until they reach a unanimous agreement on a constructive sentence.
  • The jury is led back into the courtroom and the foreperson reads the sentence before the court.

Defendant Responsibility

The defendant's responsibility is as follows:

  • After sentencing, it is the defendant’s responsibility to complete the community service hours, jury duty, and any other required sentence.
  • Upon completion, the offense is dismissed from the youth’s permanent record.

For More Information

if you have any questions, please contact Teen Court at 972.219.3799.