Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool maintenance is an important factor in keeping Flower Mound environmentally safe. The primary concern when dealing with swimming pools is proper care of chlorine or chloramines which are used as disinfectants. This contaminated water can discharge into Flower Mound’s storm drain system and be harmful to the local wildlife. The following procedures will help ensure proper maintenance:

  • Algicides like copper or silver can interrupt normal algal and plant growth and should not be used
  • Conduct regular pool maintenance to control proper chlorine levels and to prevent the growth of algae
  • Dechlorinate the water before draining
  • Discharge of swimming pool water should be done over some type of land surface so that some level of filtration by soil particles can occur
  • Manage the pH and water hardness to reduce the corrosion of copper pipes
  • Pool water must sit for at least two days after the addition of chlorine or bromine or until levels of pollutants are below 0.1 mg/l
  • Provide a pan or bucket beneath drain pipes to catch any leaks if necessary
  • Rinse the cartridge filters onto a dirty area, and shovel any residue into the soil
  • The pH of discharged water must be between 6.5 and 8.5 before being discharged