Litter Prevention

CigarettesLittering in Texas

The Don’t Mess with Texas program began in 1986. Texans and Flower Mound residents should pride themselves on keeping a clean environment. Below are several interesting facts that should be considered:

  • 20 percent of all litter on Texas roads is food related.
  • 46 percent of Texas residents believe that inmates are responsible for cleaning up roadside trash. Only six percent could identify that paid contractors, which your tax dollars are paying for, are responsible for cleanup.
  • If every litterer in Texas picked up at least six pieces of trash a month, the highways would be litter free.
  • Litter can harm wildlife. Plastic six-pack rings can choke animals and small items like gum or cigarettes are also a choking hazard.
  • Littering in the State of Texas had decreased by 33 percent since 2000, but one in two Texans still admits to littering.
  • Tobacco trash, such as cigarette butts, is the most prominent form of litter found on Texas roads. Twenty three percent of Texans admit to throwing their cigarette butts out the window. It is important to note that cigarette butts can take up to 20 years to decompose because of the plastic filters.
  • You can be fined up to $500 for littering in Texas.

Decomposition Times

Below is a chart that shows the decomposition time for various types of litter:

ObjectDecomposition Time
Styrofoam containerOver 1 million years
Plastic jug1 million years
Aluminum can200 - 500 years
Disposable diaper550 years
Tinned can90 years
Leather shoe45 years
Wool sock1 year
Paper bag1 month
Banana peel3 - 4 weeks