Controlling Costs and Improvements

Controlling Costs and Improvements

Flower Mound continues to upgrade the water and sanitary sewer systems to meet both the current and future needs of the Town. These projects have included increasing the current capacity of the existing water and sewer systems and expanding both systems to the western portion of Town.

Major utility improvements have included ongoing renovations/upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, increasing water elevated capacity from 3 to 5.5 million gallons to improve pressure and firefighting capabilities, adding auxiliary power to the water and wastewater pump station to ensure reliability, completion of a new pump station located in the western portion of Town, and rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plant. Maintaining the current utility system and constructing facilities to continue providing reliable and high-quality service remain key priorities of the Town.

The biggest factor in controlling costs and water usage is water conservation. Flower Mound has both a Water Conservation Ordinance as well as an official Conservation Flyer to provide more information about actively conserving water.

Updated Utility Rate Schedule

Flower Mound is implementing a rate adjustment to balance Utility Fund revenues and expenditures, meet debt service requirements and fund the full cost of operating the utility system. The new rates will be applied to October 2023 water usage and will be reflected on statements distributed during the November 2023 billing cycle. For additional information regarding commercial, municipal and residential rates, please see the associated links above.