Bulk and Brush Collection

As an enhanced service, customers receive weekly, curbside bulk trash and brush collection on standard collection days. Bulk items must be no larger than 3'x 3'x 12'. Acceptable items include yard waste, appliances, furniture, and other household items such as water heaters and toilets.

Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners that contain Freon, PCB, or other liquid or gaseous compounds must have that product removed by a certified technician who places a special tag on the item prior to collection. Hazardous and electronic waste, car parts, tires, and non-compactible items such as bricks and concrete will not be collected with regular bulk trash. Please contact Republic directly for information on how these items should be disposed of.

Larger Bulk Items 

Bulk items that exceed the size allotment can be collected by calling Republic Customer Service at 817.317.2000 to schedule an extra pick-up. The charge for a special pick-up is $45 per hour with a one-hour minimum. Payment is made directly to Republic Services.

Brush Guidelines for Collection

Brush must be cut in lengths not to exceed four feet. Brush must be bundled and tied and cannot exceed 50 pounds per bundle. You may place up to four cubic yards of brush or bulk at the curb per week.  An example of this would be 30/30-33 gallon size trash bags full of yard waste (i.e., grass & leaves) or 20/55-60 gallon bags. If you have yard waste that exceeds these limits you can put it out over several weeks for removal or contact Republic Services directly to schedule a quote for a  "special pick-up." To obtain a quote and schedule an appointment, please call 817.317.2000.