Treadmills and ellipticals

Fitness Floor Amenities

The fitness floor at the Community Activity Center features a variety of equipment to help you optimize your workout and stay in shape throughout the year. Amenities include:
  • 1 smith machine
  • 1/12-mile indoor walking / running track
  • 10 ellipticals
  • 12 treadmills
  • 1 Adaptive Motion Trainer
  • 17 Cybex Selectorized machines
  • 2 stair climbers
  • 2 stretching machines
  • 7 bikes
  • 9 televisions
  • Dumbbells and barbells
  • Functional equipment - medicine balls, resistance tubes, etc.


Join us for a free fitness floor orientation and learn how to properly use all of our equipment. All 14 and 15-year-old members are required to go through orientation to be able to use the fitness floor. You must be a current CAC member, and registration is required at the front desk. Orientations take place every Wednesday at 7 p.m.


If you have any questions, contact Programs Coordinator, 972.874.PARK(7275).