Swimming Lessons

Learn to Swim Program

The CAC is an authorized provider of the American Red Cross Learn to Swim program. The CAC enforces age requirements based on American Red Cross standards and for the safety of your child. Children will not be allowed to advance if they do not meet minimum age requirements. Registration for swim lessons is available in person at the CAC, or online.

Program Information

For descriptions of all swim lessons or other aquatic programs, including adult swim lessons, Blue Fin Swim Team, lifeguard training, and more, see the Aquatic Programs Handout.

Lesson Placement

 Parents are responsible for registering their child for the appropriate level based upon the child's abilities. If a child is registered in the incorrect class, every effort will be made to place them into a class of an appropriate level, but this cannot be guaranteed. To learn more about class levels, see the Aquatic Programs Handout or call 972.874.6280 for more information.

Private Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are 30 minutes in length and available for all skill levels ages 3 to adult. Classes are held outside of normal group lesson times and are set-up between the student and aquatic staff. For more information regarding private lessons, contact the aquatics office.