*Note: This page is under construction. While these forms are being updated, they have been removed from the website. If you need this information or have questions, please contact 972.874.6270. 

General Use Forms

  • Contractor Application
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Knox Box Rapid Entry System Ordering Instructions

Single-Issue Permit Applications

  • Egress Control Devices
  • Fire Alarm
  • Flow Test
  • Flow Test Procedure
  • LPG Tanks
  • Hood Systems
  • Hot Work (Welding, Grinding, Cutting) Permit
  • Model Rocket Permit
  • Temporary Fuel Storage Tank
  • Security Gates
  • Suppression System - Above Ground
  • Suppression System - Underground
  • Tent

Specific-Use Permit Applications

  • Daycare Inspection
  • Nursing Home Inspection

Burn Permit

  • Open Burn Permit