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Vertical Construction Approval

Before commencing vertical construction, an inspection by the Fire Marshal's Office is required. 

Timing of Installation
 When fire apparatus access roads or a water supply for fire protection is required for any structure or development, they shall be installed, tested, and approved before the time when construction has progressed beyond the completion of the foundation of any structure. The fire apparatus roads shall be poured and cured completely before vertical construction.

Points of Access
The approved fire apparatus access points shall be provided for each building, structure, and subdivision. The points of access shall be installed and operational before vertical construction. Alternative means of access may be provided if the fire code official approves.

When approved by the fire code official, striping, signs, or other markings shall be provided for fire apparatus access roads to identify such roads or prohibit the obstruction thereof. Striping, signs, and other markings shall be maintained in a clean and legible condition and replaced or repaired when necessary to provide adequate visibility. All fire apparatus access road portions shall be marked before vertical construction.

  1. Striping — Fire apparatus access roads shall be continuously marked by painted lines of red traffic paint six inches (6") in width to show the boundaries of the lane. The words "NO PARKING FIRE LANE" or "FIRE LANE NO PARKING" shall appear in four-inch (4") white letters at 25-foot (25') intervals on the red border markings along both sides of the fire lanes. Where a curb is available, the striping shall be on both the horizontal and vertical faces of the curb.
  2. Signs — Signs shall read "NO PARKING FIRE LANE "or" FIRE LANE NO PARKING" and shall be twelve inches (12") wide and eighteen inches (18") high. Signs shall be painted on a white background with letters and borders in red, using not less than two-inch (2") lettering. Signs shall be permanently affixed to a stationary post, and the bottom of the sign shall be six feet, six inches (6' 6") above the finished grade. Signs shall be spaced not more than fifty feet (50’) apart. Signs may be installed on permanent buildings or walls or as approved by the Fire Chief or Fire Marshal.

Obstruction of Fire Apparatus Access Roads
Fire apparatus access roads shall be unrestricted in any manner, including parking vehicles, whether attended or unattended for any period. The minimum widths and clearances established in Section 503.2.1 through 503.2.8 and any area marked as a fire lane as described in Section 503.3 shall be maintained clear at all times. Unoccupied vehicles or other obstructions in the fire lane may be removed or towed at the registered owner’s expense. The use of traffic control devices such as speed bumps and/or speed humps, or similar, shall not be used.

Protected Properties
 Fire hydrants required to provide a supplemental water supply for automatic fire protection systems shall be located within a 50-foot (50') hose lay of the fire department connection for such systems with a 5-inch (5") Stortz connection.