Senior Center Art Display

The Town of Flower Mound has an art display space at the Flower Mound Senior Center (2701 W. Windsor Dr.)  for area artists to exhibit their two‐dimensional works of art.

Program Goals

The goals of this program are to:

  • Enhance public appreciation and understanding of a wide variety of art forms;
  • Provide local artists with a venue in which to showcase their work;
  • Provide Flower Mound residents and visitors with a space for arts and culture; and
  • Create a more vibrant community place.

Current Exhibit

Artist Kurt Conner is the latest local to have his art put on display at the Flower Mound Senior Center! A 20+ year resident of Flower Mound, Kurt’s pieces combine his two greatest interests, guitars and art.  His pieces are unique, custom-made, and each features a functional guitar. 
You can stop by the Flower Mound Senior Center (2701 W. Windsor Dr.) during their regular hours to see these pieces in person. 
Kurt Conner in front of his art at the Senior Center.

Exhibit and Installation Standards

  • Exhibits can be created by individual artists or groups.
  • Artwork must be original.  
  • Artists are not required to be Flower Mound residents; however, preference will be given to Flower Mound residents, followed by Denton County residents.
  • Works to be displayed must be two‐dimensional and framed or otherwise prepared for display. Pieces with some degree of dimension will be accepted if they meet the hanging requirements. Sculpture and other three-dimensional works that must be placed on a flat surface cannot be displayed.
  • The works must be suitable for wall hanging. A secure hanging wire on the back of artwork is required. The weight of any individual work to be displayed must not exceed 50 pounds. 
  • Town staff will be responsible for hanging artwork but is not responsible for any damage incurred during hanging. The artist may provide recommendations on how the work is to be arranged and oriented, but the Town reserves the right to make final decisions.
  • If selected for display, artwork will remain on display for a maximum of two months. The Town reserves the right to schedule shorter exhibit periods. 
  • Artists will provide information including the artist’s name, title of each piece, medium, and artist’s contact information. 
  • Security cameras are present; however, the Senior Center is a public building and there is always a risk that artwork could be damaged while on display. The Town is not responsible for any damage or theft of artwork.
  • All artwork must be appropriate for viewing by residents of all ages. The Town reserves the right to reject work it deems inappropriate for display.

The Process

To have your work considered for display, please email for more information. Periodically, the Art Selection Committee, comprised of Town Staff and Cultural Arts Commission members, will review and approve the selection of an artist(s) for display. Due to limited gallery space, the Town cannot offer all applicants an opportunity to display. Applications will be kept on file for a period of two years for consideration. If your work is selected for display, you will be contacted by Town staff to arrange an installation date and time. An artwork display agreement will be provided by the Town and must be signed and returned before any artwork can be installed.

Selection Criteria

  • Artistic merit (i.e., fine art, not crafts) and appeal of pieces to be displayed will be given the highest priority.
  • A variety of media, styles, and subject matter will be sought.
  • Artwork that does not meet the requirements for size and installation will not be considered.
  • Preference will be given to Flower Mound residents, followed by residents of Denton County.
  • Preference will be given to artists whose work has not been displayed previously.
  • Seasonal or topical themes may occasionally be chosen.