Utility Services

Utility Operations Through Public Works

The mission of the Utility Services Operations team is to provide a safe and adequate supply of drinking water and to oversee the collection and the treatment of waste water for residents by utilizing resources dedicated to the operation and maintenance of pumping stations, storage facilities, lift stations, and treatment facilities.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Operation and maintenance of waste water collection lift stations.
  • Operation and maintenance of waste water treatment facilities.
  • Operation and maintenance of water pumping and storage facilities.

Services provided:

  • Contamination investigations and testing.
  • Ground water analysis.
  • Response to water quality concerns (including tastes, odors, appearance).
  • Water line flushing to address water quality issues. To learn more, visit Water Line and Fire Hydrant Flushing.

For additional information, you may contact the Public Works Department by phone at 972.874.6405 or via email.