Plan Submittal and Permit Applications

Plan Submittal

  • All plan submittals must be accompanied by a Permit Application, three (3) sets of folded plans, and electronic copy of plans. 
  • Contractors must register with the Flower Mound Fire Department annually. The registration fee is $35. Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler installers are exempt from the registration fee, but must still be registered. 
  • Payment is due prior to plan review. 
  • The Project Valuation associated with the fire protection work must be provided on the application.
  • All plan submittals must be accompanied by a copy of their respective Texas State Fire Marshal's Office (TSFMO), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), or Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE) license.
  • All plan submittals and calculations must be signed by a TSFMO License Contractor, TCEQ Licensed Contractor, or Qualified Fire Protection Engineer.
  • The contractor is responsible for ensuring that the system(s) being installed or modified is in compliance with all locally adopted codes, including, but not limited to, the 2021 International Fire Code with local amendments and referenced NFPA Standard.
  • Plans approved by the Flower Mound Fire Marshal’s Office give authorization for construction. Final approvals are subject to field verification. Any approval issued by the Fire Marshal’s Office does not release the contractor or property owner from the responsibility of full compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances relating to the construction project. Final approvals are subject to field inspection and verification.
  • All installations must concur with the approved plans. Any deviation from the approved plans requires a re-submittal to the Fire Marshal’s Office prior to inspection. Failure to submit revised plans prior to the inspection may result in a delay in inspection and sign-off.
  • Allow ten (10) business days for plan reviews. 

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Permit Applications

Contractor Registration

Annual Operational Permit Applications