Crime Control Dedicated Sales Tax

The last time the crime control dedicated sales tax reauthorization measure was on the ballot was in 2011. During that election, Flower Mound voters chose to reauthorize the measure, which dedicated one-fourth of one percent sales tax to crime control and prevention for 10 years. This year, Flower mound voters will decide whether to reauthorize the measure for 20 years. To learn more about the history of this sales tax measure in Flower Mound, visit 

2022 Reauthorization Impacts

  • One-fourth of one percent sales tax dedicated for crime control and prevention for 20 years.
  • Maintain eight police beats, and develop additional beats as necessary.
  • Maintain 27 of the 108 sworn police positions and 9.5 of the 39 support staff positions throughout the department, and fund one-time purchases to support Police Department operations.

2011 Crime Control District Projects Completed

  • Maintained eight police beats.
  • Maintained 16 sworn police and tree support staff positions.
  • Funded equipment, maintenance, and training for 19 positions.

Flower Mound Police Department Statistics

Flower Mound Police Department Response Times

Priority 15:474:484:444:514:46
Priority 26:576:316:276:096:09

Reported Incident Trends*

Graph showing reported incident trends for the Flower Mound Police Department since 2017.

*Based on a population of 75,956 according to 2020 US Census data.                               ** Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime reporting (UCR) program.

Flower Mound Police Department Calls for ServiceGraph showing calls for services for the Flower Mound Police Department since 2017.

Town of Flower Mound Police Beats

Flower Mound Police Beats