Edwin Adams

Photo FinalEdwin Adams enlisted in the United States Marine Corps during his senior year at Marcus High School in 2020.  He entered the Marines in late December of 2020 and was shipped to San Diego to begin basic training.  In May of 2021, he passed the Crucible, officially becoming a United States Marine.  From there it was off to Pensacola where he began his training for his MOS as a Flight Equipment Technician (6048) of which he graduated in August 2021.  

Edwin is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton.  He is currently part of HMLA 369 “The Gunfighters” squadron. As a Marine he has been certified as an expert shooter and is a Grey Belt in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program).  He is also trained on maintaining and repairing safety systems for Marine aircraft.  During his short time so far as a Marine he has already achieved the rank of Corporal.

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