Why is the Town changing water meters in my neighborhood?

Meter Change-Out Program

In order to stay in compliance with Town Ordinance Sec. 70-468(2), which states that meters one inch or smaller must be tested or replaced every ten years, Meter Services schedules the replacement of water meters that are 10 or more years old on an annual basis. The Town's Ordinance is also in line with the American Water Works Association (AWWA), which states that replacing meters every 10 years or every 1 million gallons is the ideal time to change out residential meters.

When your meter is changed, a representative of the Town will knock on your door and notify you that your water will be turned off briefly while your meter is changed. There is no direct charge to you for a new meter. The new meter will be a radio-read meter that emits the reading electronically, which does not require meter technicians to stop at your meter box every time they need a reading. 

Note: Since meters typically slow down as they get older, getting a new meter may result in a slight increase in consumption due to more accurate flow rates. 


Meters are tested on three different flow rates:

  • Low flow - 1/4 gallons per minute
  • Mid flow - 2 gallons per minute
  • High flow - 15 gallons per minute

If your older meter was running at 90 percent on the high side flow rate, that would equal a 10 percent loss of water consumption.

No meter running at 100 percent on the high side flow rate would equal a 10 percent increase in consumption.

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