How do I maintain my meter box?

To assist the meter reader, please keep your meter box free of any debris, like moving boxes, yard waste, parked vehicles, or your trash and recycling receptacles. It is against a Town of Flower Mound ordinance to block and/or deny access to a Town easement. Please do not install fences, trees, or shrubs that could block access, or they may have to be removed. 

It is very common for meter boxes to become filled with dirt, leaves, and other debris because they are generally lower than ground level. In most cases, if a Town meter tech needs to get a manual read from your meter box, they can easily clear away any debris in the box. 

If you clear away or remove the dirt and debris from your meter box, please refrain from using a shovel as you may damage your water line. Use a pair of gloves and remove the dirt by hand. If the dirt is tightly packed, you can use a small garden trowel to loosen the dirt and then remove it by hand. 

Please contact Utility Billing at 972.874.6010 to update your personal contact information to include a phone number and email address.