Sewer Averaging

Some Facts on Residential Sewer Averaging

Once a year, the Town of Flower Mound calculates residential water usage to determine residents' sewer rates for the following year. The new sewer rate will be based on the average water usage from Nov. 15 through March 10, which is when water consumption is generally the lowest.

Since your sewer rate is based on your monthly consumption during the winter months, using a sprinkler system during that time period is one of the major factors that will cause your sewer rate to increase.

Below is a chart to determine when your sewer rate will be calculated. The actual read date may occur two to four days prior to the billing date.

Residential Sewer Average Calculations Dates

If your account number begins with 3Dec. 1 to March 1
If your account number begins with 4Dec. 5 to March 5
If your account number begins with 5Dec. 10 to March 10
If your account number begins with 6Nov. 15 to Feb. 15
If your account number begins with 7Nov. 20 to Feb. 20 
If your account number begins with 8Nov. 25 to Feb. 25

If at all possible, please try to refrain from running the irrigation system during this time period as most plants and/or grasses are dormant and do not need watering. If you feel that it is necessary to water, please expect your sewer averaging to be on the high side.

Minimum Rates

Effective Oct. 1, 2023, the minimum sewer rate is $23.85 for usage from zero through 2,000 gallons of water. An additional $4.85 per thousand-gallon unit is billed for water usage over 2,000 gallons. Before and during this three-month averaging period, residents are encouraged to be aware of water consumption, conserve water usage, and be mindful of any possible water leaks. Small leaks such as a leaking faucet can waste up to 180 gallons of water a day, or 5,400 gallons a month. A running toilet can use up to 90 gallons an hour or 64,800 gallons a month. This consumption will not only increase a water bill during this averaging period but will also raise the sewer rate for the next year.

If you sign up for service during the sewer averaging period, your residential sewer average will be billed based on your total water consumption for the month with a "Residential No Average Maximum" of $47.70.

Commercial Sewer Charges:

All commercial sites connected to the Town's sewer system are billed based on monthly water consumption. The Town does not offer sewer averaging for commercial sites.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Utility Billing at 972.874.6010.