Police Response to COVID-19

Flower Mound PD Issues Temporary Protocols in Response to COVID-19

The Flower Mound Police Department has implemented a temporary response protocol that will maintain continuity of essential police services during the Town’s COVID-19 response. Flower Mound PD has been closely monitoring the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, and recognize that social distancing is strongly recommended by the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. To assist the public during this response with non-emergency calls for service, the Police Department is requesting community members and the public to utilize the Flower Mound Police Department Online Reporting service to report the following types of incidents:

  • Assault (not in progress)
  • Barking dog
  • Credit card abuse
  • Criminal mischief (vandalism)
  • Forgery
  • Hit and run
  • Identity theft
  • Lost property
  • Repossession
  • Shoplifting (not in progress)
  • Theft
  • Traffic concerns
  • Vacation watch

One can access the online reporting at www.flower-mound.com/pdreports or on the Police Department’s webpage at, https://www.flower-mound.com/139/Police-Department and click on the “Online Reporting” left-hand link. This online service will limit the number of times our officers need to come into direct contact with residents or enter a residents’ home.

If residents or the public need assistance utilizing this service or they believe they need to speak with an officer, please contact the Flower Mound Police Department’s non-emergency number at 972.539.0525. A member of our communication team will be able to assist you using our online reporting system or will have an officer contact you by phone to take your report and determine if in-person contact needs to be made. Our goal is to proactively protect both our residents and our officers from potentially exposing each other. Reports filed through our online service or over the phone will receive the same professional care, as if they were taken in-person. As always, if you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Officers will continue to respond in-person to calls involving violence, threat to life, and in progress calls such as: 

  • Sexual assaults
  • Family/domestic disturbances
  • Any disturbances involving violence or the threat of violence
  • Thefts, burglaries, and robberies in progress or just occurred or where evidence is present
  • Major crashes with road blockage or injuries
  • Missing persons
  • In progress assaultive offenses or fights
  • Any injury to a child/elderly/disabled
  • Intoxicated drivers or people
  • Welfare concerns
  • Any in-progress calls that have a potential of risk to life or safety (shots heard, suicidal people, etc.)
  • Any call that a Police Department supervisor deems appropriate

For up-to-date information regarding how the coronavirus affects Town operations, please visit www.flower-mound.com/covid19.

Food Donation Drop-offs

We’ve received several questions from the community about the ability to drop-off food for our officers and staff. First of all, thank you so much for your support. It means the world to us right now during these difficult times. As you can imagine, for our officers’ safety, we’re kindly asking that no one drop off homemade food items right now. However, food donations that were prepared in a restaurant that follows health and safety codes, have been much appreciated. For any additional questions, please email joy.franklin@flower-mound.com.