School Liaison Committee


The School Liaison Committee was created to enhance the Town’s current relationships with local educational institutions that serve the students and residents of Flower Mound. The purpose of this committee is to have representatives serve in an advisory and participant role on matters involving education that impact the citizens of Flower Mound.

Qualifications and Term

Each School Liaison Committee member must be a Flower Mound resident and qualified voter of the Town at the time of their appointment. Members who cease to reside in the Town during their terms of office shall immediately forfeit their office.

  • Other qualifications for membership shall include a sincere interest in Education, the ability to work with the public, Town Staff, Town Boards, and having the time to devote this Service.
  • The School Liaison Committee will consist of three (3) members: one representative of a local public school district (Lewisville ISD, Denton ISD, Argyle ISD, Northwest ISD, and Grapevine-Colleyville ISD), one representative of a local private and charter K-12 institutions, and one representative of an institution of higher education, as that term is defined in Section 61.003 of the Texas Education Code, as it may be amended.
  • The term of office for each School Liaison Committee member shall be two years and members shall be designated as places one through three. Places one and three shall be appointed to two-year terms ending on September 30 in odd numbered years. Place two shall be appointed to a two-year term ending on September 30 in even numbered years.
  • The School Liaison Committee shall meet quarterly prior to the Town Council meeting to discuss upcoming activities associated with the local educational organizations identified above.
  • The School Liaison Committee will report to the Town Council on educational activities of interest to the community on a quarterly basis, and as necessary.
  • The School Liaison Committee serves at the will and pleasure of the Town Council and members may be removed at any time prior to the end of their term.
  • The School Liaison Committee members shall serve without compensation.


  • Create and maintain an education information resource on the Town’s website.
  • Work with various boards/commissions, Town Staff, the public and other organizations, to serve in both advisory and participative roles as it relates to coordinating activities and announcements.
  • Help to foster a working relationship between the Town and schools.
  • The School Liaison Committee may have other responsibilities as authorized or assigned by the Town Council.

Click here to review Res. 03-21


Place 1 - Caroline Bumgarner (representing local private and charter K-12 institutions)Caroline Bumgarner
Place 2 - Manu Shahi (representing local public school districts - ISD's)
Manu Shahi 2
Place 3 - Claudia Villasana-Munoz

Claudia Villasana-Munoz


Click on this email ( to provide comments to commission members on items of interest. Committee members are unable to reply to your message(s) due to Open Meetings and Public Information Act regulations or contact the Town Secretary's office at 972.874.6076.