Dedicated Sales Tax History

In January 2007, the Flower Mound Town Council approved a resolution to create a Revenue Options Committee to review and evaluate new or increased revenue sources. The appointed six-member group met seven times beginning in 2007 and made final recommendations to the Town Council in May 2007. Among the committee’s recommendations was the calling of an election for a one-fourth of one percent Section 4B dedicated sales tax for Parks and Recreation improvements and a one-fourth of one percent street maintenance dedicated sales tax.

In addition, the committee recommended that the Town Council appoint a temporary board of directors for a Crime Control and Prevention District and a temporary board of directors for a Fire Control, Prevention, and Emergency Medical Services District. The temporary boards of directors would develop a two-year strategic plan and budget, and consider calling an election to fund the districts through a dedicated one-fourth of one percent sales tax for each district.

Based upon the Revenue Options Committee’s recommendations, the Town Council and temporary board of directors called a dedicated sales tax election for November 6, 2007. Flower Mound voters approved the adoption of four dedicated sales taxes in increments of one-fourth of one percent each for a Crime Control and Prevention District, Street Maintenance, Parks and Recreation Section 4B Improvements, and a Fire Control, Prevention, and Emergency Medical Services District.

The proposed expenditures and planned improvements associated with each dedicated sales tax proposition are subject to approval by the Town Council and the level of funding available. For more information regarding any of the dedicated sales taxes, please call the Town of Flower Mound at 972.539.SERV (7378).

Town of Flower Mound Sales Taxes

The maximum combined sales tax rate in the State of Texas is 8.25 percent. The State of Texas levies a sales tax of 6.25 percent and municipalities may levy a sales tax of 1.0 percent for their general fund, and an additional 1.0 percent for dedicated purposes. The 1.0 percent for dedicated purposes must be approved by voters of the jurisdiction. Flower Mound’s current rate is 8.25 percent, including ¼ cent for each of the four voter-approved dedicated sales taxes.