Gibson-Grant Historic Cabin

In 2018, the Town of Flower Mound approved a Master Plan for the Gibson-Grant Cabin, to guide the restoration of the historic house so the public will have an opportunity to experience the lives of some of Denton County’s earliest settlers. The plan also includes preservation objectives, treatment standards, and recommendations. 

Photo of Gibson-Grant Cabin Exterior

What will it look like?

The Cabin (actually determined to be a Log House) will be restored to its Phase 3 period, or Triple-Pen form with back extension, which will retain the early historic changes to the original Single-Pen house. This will also preserve a large portion of the original siding and paint layers. The benefit to choosing the Phase 3 period is that it will display the evolution of early Texas houses on the frontier, while leaving room on the property for outdoor activities and events.

Gibson Grant Cabin Rendering

There is no definite timeline for the projects below, but will be completed based upon available funding and future grants. Once the Gibson-Grant restoration projects are complete, the Town of Flower Mound will establish a regular maintenance plan to address both the interior and exterior of the house.

Exterior ChangesInterior Changes
  • Remove both concrete/gravel driveways
  • Infill historic walls, where door openings were later cut into the wall or shiplap siding was removed
  • Regrade site to improve drainage
  • Expose a portion of the log walls to showcase earliest construction.
  • Construct independent restroom facility
  • Finish remaining spaces with period-appropriate finishes and artifacts
  • Remove non-historic board and batten siding and plywood

  • Remove non-historic wood front porch and concrete utility room stairs

  • Reinforce and install wood shingle roof to match historic roof

How you can help:

If you’d like to support the Gibson-Grant Cabin restoration project, please send a check made out to the Town of Flower Mound with "Gibson-Grant Cabin Project" in the note section to 2121 Cross Timbers Rd., Flower Mound, TX 75028.