Library Card Information

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Library cards are issued to any Denton County resident.

Library cards are issued in person, at the Library, upon presentation of photo identification and proof of address.

Individuals under the age of 17 must have a parent or legal guardian with them when applying for a library card. 

Library cardholders are responsible for all items checked out on their cards.

Library cards may be issued to people who work in Denton County upon presentation of identification and proof of employment by a business located in Denton County. 

Corporate cards are issued to any business located within Denton County. The owner of the business or a person showing authorization on company letterhead may apply for the library card. A Corporate library card will be in the corporations name but the user of the corporate card must present the corporate card at the time of check out. One library card per corporation.

Replacement library cards are available with identification and payment of the current replacement charge.

E-Content Only cards (digital content)  are available to high school students.  A current student I.D. is required but no guardian is required.

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Checkout Policies

Books, music CDs, books on CD or MP3, and multi-media kits checkout for 21 days, and DVDs check out for seven days. Items can be renewed one time if the item is not requested by another patron. Book Club kits checkout for 42 days and cannot be renewed. Storytime kits checkout for 21 days to adult patrons only and cannot be renewed. STEM kits checkout for 21 days to adult patrons only. The Library does not charge late fees, but cardholders will be expected to return items in a timely manner. Additional items may not be checked out until overdue items are returned.

Lost Items

Items not returned will be assessed as lost. A replacement fee is charged for lost items. If the item is found and returned to the Checkout Desk by the patron within 60 days of payment a refund will be given. The receipt is required for a refund to be processed. 

Damaged Items

Cardholders will be expected to pay a fee for damaged items. No library services will be available until all fees are resolved. Any damaged item must be disposed in accordance with the Town of Flower Mound damaged material policy.

Information on Holds

To suspend holds:

Go to, or and click the “Library” button.
  1. Click “My Account”.
  2. Log in with your barcode and PIN.
  3. Click on the "Holds" tab.
  4. Click on "Suspend" for the items you want to suspend OR click on "Suspend all holds" at the bottom of the holds list.
  5. Select a date to suspend until OR leave the date blank to suspend indefinitely.
  6. Click "Suspend." Holds will automatically reactivate on date selected, in the same spot where they were in the list.
  7. Click “Log Out” when finished.

To reactivate holds:

  1. To reactivate suspended holds before the automatic reactivation date, click on "Resume" next to the item OR click on "Resume all suspended holds."
  2. Click "OK".