Approved Ordinances

Below are links to the ordinances approved during the December 16, 2013, Town Council meeting regarding the Our Master Plan project.

Two separate ordinances were approved (Ord. 63-13 and 64-13). Both ordinances contain whereas clauses and legalese. The text that actually amended the Town’s master plan begins on page 4 under Section 3 for both documents. The changes made by the Town Council during the December 16 meeting are incorporated into the ordinances.

Ordinance 63-13 details the amendments to the Lakeside Business District. The important text begins on page 4, Section 3. Overall, the amendment allows developers to bring a project forward for consideration with multiple types of uses, including limited residential, that demonstrate conformance to the criteria outlined in section 4, the emphasis being tax base and job creation.

Ordinance 64-13 details the amendments to the Cross Timbers Conservation Development District. Overall, these amendments add a cluster development option with smaller lots, in order to gain more open and natural space including scenic corridors and vistas along the roadways in the district. The extension of sewer into the District was discussed and considered during the master plan review process, but was not approved.