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Conventional Septic System

Conventional Septic System

Drip Irrigation

Septic Drip System

Low Pressure Dosing

LPD System

Leaching Chamber

Leaching Chambers

Et Bed System

ET Bed System


Mound System

Aerobic Surface Application With Spray Field

Aerobic Spray system

Common Examples of Septic Systems & Issues

Open Septic Tank
Open septic tank with second tank lid damage

Septic Pumping
Open and damaged septic tanks being pumped

Full exposure of septic tanks
Tanks completely open and exposed.

Filling tanks
Tanks demolished- crushed and filled

Completed demo
Demolition completed

Misuse of the drains
Dumping of paints and other materials down the drains is harmful to the system

Collapsed Tanks
Collapsed septic tanks (courtesy of Denton Co. Environmental Health)

Failed drainfield
Failed drainfield (courtesy Denton Co. Environmental Health)

Driveway over lateral lines
Driveway poured over septic lateral lines (courtesy Denton Co. Environmental Health)

Driving over lateral lines
Driving over septic lateral lines can be damaging and cause failure of the system (courtesy of Denton Co. Environmental Health)

failed lateral lines
Failed lateral lines (courtesy Denton Co. Environmental Health)

Raw sewage at inspection port
Raw sewage on the ground at the inspection port (courtesy Denton Co. Environmental Health)

Tank full of roots
Septic tank full of roots

eroded beach showing tanks
Eroded beach exposing buried septic components

Failed trench
Failed trench- clogged filter media and clogged line