Walking Trail Safety Tips

Walking Trails.jpgEach year, thousands of residents take advantage of the more than 43 miles of paved hike/bike trails currently located throughout Flower Mound. To help keep residents safe and aware, the Flower Mound Police Department would like to offer these tips:

  • Tell friends or family the route you will be taking and go with someone else when possible.
  • Avoid unfamiliar areas when on the trails alone.
  • Stay alert, be observant about your surroundings, and avoid areas where visibility is poor.
  • Do not wear headsets. Being able to hear will allow you to sense someone that you may not be able to see such as a passing cyclist.
  • Walk confidently.
  • Wear shoes and clothing that allows freedom of movement.
  • Take a cell phone along and consider carrying mace or pepper spray.
  • Wear reflective material and carry a whistle or noisemaker.
  • Know the location of open businesses and roadways along your route.
  • Take your dog if you have no one to run with and your dog is appropriate to run with.
  • Take alternate routes. This helps you to stay alert and make it more difficult for others to learn your routine.
  • Make sure you properly hydrate yourself before, during and after a walk or run.
  • Lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables such as purses, wallets or cell phones in view.
  • Carry identification (including name, phone number and pertinent medical information).