Stormwater Projects

Updated 2/6/17 - updated information shown in red. 

Bank stabilization projects - 1601 Twilight Drive and 3400 Pheasant Court. 

This project includes the installation of 153 linear feet of 16 foot high bag-wall to prevent further erosion along Bakers Branch at 1601 Twilight Drive that is threatening a sanitary sewer main and private property. The project also includes the installation of a bag-wall to provide creek bank stabilization along McKamy Creek where erosion is threatening to expose a sanitary sewer line located east of 3400 Pheasant Court. The construction contract was awarded to Knight Erosion Control, Inc. for 1601 Twilight Drive, in the amount of $126,618, and 3400 Pheasant Court, in the amount of $32,190 by Town Council on March 21, 2016.
  • 1601 Twilight Drive - complete
  • 3400 Pheasant Court - complete

Foxborough/Whisper Creek Bank Stabilization Project

This project includes installation of 68 linear feet of back stabilization by the installation of a bag wall and the modification of a surface inlet. The bag wall installation by Knight Erosion Control, Inc. is complete. The fence will be installed after the bag wall installation has setup. The inlet modification will be completed by the Street Service Drainage Division. Date for start of construction is yet to be determined.