Parks/Trails Projects

Updated 12/13/17 - updated information shown in red

Heritage Park – Phase III

This phase of the project includes an approximate 3000 sq. ft interactive play splash pad, a bio-swale and landscaping. Additional amenities include: a rustic pavilion/outdoor classroom, a small restroom, 40 additional parking spaces and connecting trails. The restroom will provide facilities for the rustic pavilion, future disc golf course and dog park users. A professional services agreement with Schrickel, Rollins and Associates, Inc., to provide master planning and construction documents in the amount of $139,750 was approved by Town Council on June 6, 2016. Bids were advertised in December. No bids were received for the project. The project was rebid in February with Northstar Construction being the lowest bidder. The award of construction contract with Northstar Construction, LLC., in the amount of $1,591,910 and selected bid options in the amount of $222,800, was approved by Town Council on May 1. Construction began June 5, 2017. Ongoing work/installations:

  • Pavilion  - cover to be installed by end of December.
  • Splash Pad - installed. Color concrete next week.
Anticipated completion: March 2018 
Heritage Park – Phase IV

This project will include an additional eighteen parking places with lighting, concrete sidewalk to connect to the trail, a wildflower meadow with designated areas with irrigation, a plaza area with signage kiosk/sundial structure, a scenic overlook, connection of a nature trail to the east side of the park via stone steps along embankment, an eighteen hole disc golf course and an entry sign at the plaza area and all infrastructure to support these elements. The professional services agreement with Schrickel, Rollins, and Associates, Inc. to provide professional master planning and construction documents in the amount of $147,000 was approved by Town Council on March 20, 2017. Final plans expected in December. Bid opening in January and construction expected to start April 2018 with completion September 2018.
Rheudasil/Wilkerson/Cortadera Ponds

Rheudasil/Wilkerson ponds:
This project is for the pond dredging and bank stabilization for Rheudasil and Wilkerson ponds.  A PSA to prepare the FEMA LOMAR application and a T&ES study in the amount of $11,000 was approved by Town Council on August 3, 2015. On September 8, Town Council approved the funding of the project as well as adding the Wilkerson ponds to the project. Design Amendment No. 1 to provide additional services related to a FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) application and a T&S Study in the amount of $11,000 was approved by Manager Communication. The PSA for the design of the dredging and bank stabilization of the ponds with Garver, LLC for $206,600.00 was approved by Town Council on December 7. The contract award for the combined project (see Cortadera Pond) was awarded to Shirley and Sons Construction Co., Inc., in the amount of $2,606,566, on July 17, 2017. 

Cortadera pond:
This project is for mapping, design and dredging of the existing park pond. A bid opening was held on November 21, 2014 and the one bid received was over budget. A second bid opening was held on May 6, 2015. Unfortunately no bids were received for the project. With no responses received after two bid openings (possibly due to the size of the project), this project was added to the Rheudasil/Wilkerson pond dredging project. The professional services agreement for the design and bidding phases services for the dredging with Garver, LLC in the amount of $6,200 was approved through a Manager Communication.  The fountain and pond leveling control device is being installed. The pond filling is complete.

Rheudasil Pond:
Dredging of the pond is complete. Work on the wall is complete. Post coring for the rail on top of the wall has begun.  Once the rail is complete, the wall will be stained. Vegetation will follow.

Wilkerson Ponds:
The dredging of the south pond is complete.

Anticipated completion: January 2018