Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at the library offers citizens the opportunity to utilize current skills, develop new skills, meet their neighbors and give back to their community.

Working under the supervision of the library staff , volunteers provide valuable support and assistance. Volunteer opportunities may include shelving books and media, cleaning CD books, straightening library shelves or assisting the library staff during a special project.

Becoming a Volunteer

All Volunteers must complete a volunteer application form and return the form to the Information Desk at the library. All Volunteers will have a background check performed by our HR department.
Guidelines to become a Volunteer:
- Youth Volunteers must be 15 years of age.
- Court Mandated Community Service is not offered at the library.
- All Volunteers must attend an orientation held at the library.
- Volunteers are scheduled to work 2 hours per shift. If you are unable to work your scheduled shift, you will need to call the library at 972-874-6172. Schedules can be rearranged by the Volunteer Coordinator upon request.


Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 972-874-6164 if you have any further questions. We are looking forward to working with you.